Connect Groups

It’s hard to get to know people in a crowd, that’s why smaller groups are critical. We encourage everyone across the church family to be connected with a group as they are some of the main ways we care and connect with one another as a church family, encouraging each other in the Christian life and in living a life of mission together.

What is a Connect Group?

A Connect Group is a group of people who meet regularly for a term, sharing a particular passion, interest, objective or other activity that unites them together at a convenient time of the week.
It will be a safe place where you can be yourself, grow as family together and see God’s kingdom impact the environment you live or work in, as we look to connect with each other and the community around us.

Where and when do they meet?

Connect Groups will meet throughout the week all over the Rugeley area: Day time – evening – weekday or weekend. The group may meet weekly – fortnightly or monthly and that could be for the whole term or part of the term. Some Connect Groups may not run every term; there will be 3 terms in a year, with each term being around 10 weeks long. Some groups will meet more often than others depending on their particular vision, but they meet regularly to:

  • Live out their mission
  • Participate in discipleship
  • And enjoy community together

How do I join a Connect Group?

There will be a signup sheet available at Church on a Sunday which will also include details of all of the available Connect Groups for that cycle. Alternatively, please email us using the contact form opposite and we will get back to you with the relevant information.

Have an idea for a Connect Group?

There will be a suggestion sheets available at Church on a Sunday or you can fill in a suggestion form by clicking the link below.

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