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RCC has joined with ChurchSuite to help safely process and manage your information and preferences. Signing up to ChurchSuite is simple and painless and gives you control over how your information is used. All you have to do is enter your details on the form below.

What is ChurchSuite?

ChurchSuite is a church management system that will help us at Rugeley Community Church make sure your personal information is kept up to date, stored safely and only used in ways that you are happy with.

It is Completely Safe and Secure

Your personal data is important. With ChurchSuite, only church leaders and selected volunteers will be able to see the information you provide. ChurchSuite is an online platform, but they put a lot of time and effort into making sure that your information stays private and safe. Find out more at

It’s Better Than Using Paper

Up until now, we’ve been using paper forms to store your information. This means that there was only one copy of you information locked away in a filing cabinet. While that information was safe, it was very difficult to keep it organised, up to date and accessible to those who need it for ministry purposes. ChurchSuite offers us the chance to make sure your information stays organised, always up to date and can be accessed quickly by the people who need it, all while making it even more secure.

Easy to Update

If you change any of your information, it can be updated quickly and those changes will be immediately available to the individual leaders that need to know. For the time being, you will still have to let us know if your details change and we will update your profile, but in the future we will be launching something that lets you do it yourself.

You’re in Control

ChurchSuite’s communication preference settings mean you can choose how we use your information. It’s really easy to change your preferences to subscribe to email and messages, it’s also equally easy to unsubscribe if you wanted to. ChurchSuite will make sure that your preferences are updated and you will only receive the communications that you want to.

What if I don’t have an email address?

If you don’t have an email address then not to worry, get in touch with us at 01889 579341 and someone will be able to help set you up.

What are the downsides if I don’t sign up?

Over the next few years, you will likely see ChurchSuite being used in lots of different ways including online giving, organising small groups, rotas, and more. This is all a part of us growing together as a family helping us to stay organised and stay connected.

If you choose not to have your details in ChurchSuite at this time, it will be harder for you to keep up to date with church news, events and updates and may mean you miss things that you would be interested in. It will also make it harder for us to stay connected with you due to the way UK Data Protection laws work. This includes when setting up small groups and other times of fellowship.

Please note: not signing up to ChurchSuite will not stop certain leaders from getting in touch with you for pastoral reasons. They will still be able to contact you, just as they have in the past. You will just have to make sure that you keep them informed of any updates to your personal information.

You can read more about ChurchSuite here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Want to know more about how we handle data?

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