Sports Hall

The Sports Hall at Rugeley Community Centre is an excellent venue for most sports, game and activities. It is presently marked out for five-a-side football, basketball and three badminton courts. It measures 30m by 18.

We also hire out the hall for non-sporting activities such as conferences, activity clubs and exhibitions. You can seat over 300 people in the space but please note that the on-site car parking may not be sufficient to serve this number of guests and the use of nearby public car parks would be necessary.

The Sports Hall can be divided into two by the use of an acoustic curtain which can be seen in the diagram below.

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Various Sports

(Floor markings for basketball, volleyball, badminton (x3) & football)

Floor markings for different sports


(Theatre style seating for 90 with cafe style seating for 48)

An example sports hall setup showing theatre style seating for 90 on one side of a curtain with cafe style seating for 48 on the other side.

A map showing where the Sports Hall is in the Centre.