Where ‘Consent’ is the Legal Basis for Processing

Rugeley Community Church recognises anyone of or over the age of 16 as being able to provide informed consent to have their data processed.

For individuals aged 13 to 15 inclusive, we recognise their ability to give informed consent, however, those with parental responsibility for these individuals may overrule that consent. Where we find it necessary to process data for individuals in this age bracket, extra care will be taken to make sure they understand what they are consenting to, and that their consent is given freely.

For individuals under the age of 13, consent for their data to be processed must be given by someone with parental responsibility.

For vulnerable individuals who are unable to give informed consent, consent must come from their caregiver.

Where ‘Legitimate Interest’ is the Legal Basis for Processing

When relying upon ‘legitimate interest’ as the legal basis for processing the data of under 16s or vulnerable people, we will take extra care to identify the risks and consequences of this processing and make sure that appropriate safeguards are put in place.